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T March 30, 2007 at 4:12 am sere survivor, If thats what they teach you squids Im eternally grateful I went into the Army instead. Al Qaeda (for example) has no such clear return address because Al Qaeda is not a state, it is a dispersed terrorist organisation. The problem with the wooden heads. I am not expecting a couple of rubber boats to fight off the Revolutionary Guard (or other Iranian forces) but they should not have been put in that position. I will give no information or take part in any action which might be harmful to my comrades.

Good for them. When told by his captors that he was to be paraded in public, Stockdale slit his scalp with a razor to purposely disfigure himself so that his captors could not use him as propaganda. Her actions would not be acceptable under it. Pa said the rest of what I think just fine. Retrieved 17 September 2014.

We in Australia got disabused of this notion on a beach in Indonesia in 1942, when Australian Nurses were herded to the waters edge, then machine gunned by the Japanese. It is a nominal face-saver on Irans part. The POW guidelines listed above are just that, guidelines to aspire to as best you can as while a POW. The civilians (and it is civilians) who are responsible for this policy should resign at once. Retrieved 21 July 2015. It may well play nicely to the Islamist street that the IRI can caqpture two inflatable boats and 15 personnel from the Little Satan (You patronising uncle-fuckers) but doesnt exulting over such a minor victory suggest weakness? I mean, its not like they sank the Tirpitz or something is it? The only people who believe this sort of shit are the kind of people who believe this sort of shit anyway and there is absolutely no reasoning with such Bertie Blunts. Name rank and SSN only. prisoners coming back to their homeland were criminally charged and tried for offenses that "amounted to treason, desertion to the enemy, mistreatment of fellow prisoners of war, and similar crimes." The emotions and compassion of the public were aroused, as graphic details of the inhumane treatment of U.S. Everyone knows this is nonsense apart from the brainwashed members of the Umma who would believe any old pony regardless. After his release, he filed charges against two officers whom he felt had given aid and comfort to the enemy.

Hmm. I think its back-fired. Our current conflict with Iran is not yet at the level of total war, so the coming home with your shield or on it attitude isnt a sensible use of military resources. The Iranians dont care what the public opinion is in the west. They have a legal obligation not to disclose military secrets but as far as propaganda goes they are at liberty to comply with any request made by their captors, indeed such complicity could be invaluable to Britain and her allies. If you are being threatened, make sure you bloody well look frightened on the video they are making of you and at a stroke you will have turned the tables and made it clear what is really going on. Maybe the UK maintains a different cultural standard for women, but an oath is an oath. Not sure about the Brits. Service Number; and d.

Here are two: Every time I fill up my car, Im funding the spread of wahhabism in the islamic world. How did they manage to sneak up on the Brits doing the inspection in the middle of the Persian Gulf? Who was the radar operator on the Brit ship, who was supposed to be looking out for these sailors welfare? Finally, how did a major Brit ship not blow these asshats out of the water before they ever came in contact with the sailors? I think it would be good policy from here on out that any Iranian Naval vessel that wanders even one inch out of Iranian territorial waters, gets its ass sunk to the bottom of the Gulf with all hands. More than anything I blame the officer in charge of the boarding party for not making it clear to these people what is expected of them if they find themselves in enemy hands, but this does not reflect well on anyone Precisely. Even counterproductive in the Arab world too. This is the lesson from Vietnam. In what sense? . providing oral or written statements on behalf of the enemy or that are harmful to Canada, our allies or other PWs. The technique of bogus confessions is as old as the hills and as unsophisticated as the bronze-age. It is considered an important part of U.S. 2395972840
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